Universal Mother

by IndiaJiva

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A blissful journey through sacred sound into the healing arms of the Universal Mother.
Using an array of exotic instruments from around the globe including sitar, Turkish mey, didgeridu, violin and an array of world percussion, Universal Mother weaves its way into the heart, with Vicki’s divine vocals and the vocal mastery of Sri Lankan maestro Sarangan Ranganathan
Powerful vedic chant, Buddhist mantras and devotional songs with their roots running deeply into the classical music of India are beautifully attuned to a winning contemporary formula. In Universal Mother Ron and Vicki as IndiaJiva have created a collection of songs that the listener will find both inspirational and healing.
In many Indian spiritual traditions the Universal mother is the power or shakti of God Almighty which appears as mind and matter. In these traditions it is believed that the Universal Mother holds the world together and ‘runs the whole show.’ It is her supreme power that makes all things possible and she is worshipped as the embodiment of the Divine. There is nothing sweeter in this world than the love of a mother for a child. For her child the mother is ready to lay down her life. The Vedas say “Mathru Devo Bhava”; i.e, honour your mother as God. The first name or syllable which a young infant utters is the name of the beloved mother because the human mother is simply a manifestation of the Universal Mother. All women are different forms of the Divine Mother. When we worship the Universal Mother with intense faith and devotion, her grace can grant us self realization and bring forth the enjoyment of supreme bliss. We chose the name ‘ Universal Mother’ for this album as it best expresses the essence that we wished to bring into this project. The music and mantras we have chosen have their roots running deeply into the classical music of India; yet they are beautifully attuned to contemporary times.


released December 21, 2013



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IndiaJiva Sydney, Australia

IndiaJiva are multi-instrumentalists and composers Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen, who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of world fusion music creating a new synthesis in sound, transporting their audiences and listeners beyond the borders of both East and West. They perform an array of instruments - sitar, slide guitar, keyboards, flutes, didgeridoo, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals. ... more

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